Raymond BACH, Président, Director, Syracuse University in Strasbourg

After graduating from Amherst college, I spent a year as a “lecteur” in Dijon, and then, a few years later – in 1980/81, and again in 1983/4, I was an exchange student at the ENS (rue d’Ulm). I received my PhD from Stanford, where I wrote my dissertation under René Girard. I have been involved in study abroad since 1994, when I took my first group of students to Dijon for Colgate University; and since 2000, I have been the director of the Syracuse University program in Strasbourg. We all know that study abroad has become increasingly complex over the last two decades. The negative side to this development has been the excessively bureaucratic demands placed on our programs; but there has also been a more positive side, namely, the recognition that study abroad is truly a profession unto itself, a profession that requires a very special combination of knowledge and skills. We should be proud of our “competencies”; but we also need to work harder to have them recognized by our colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic. I gave my first presentation (on dealing with the death of a student) at APUAF in 2009, and in Spring 2012 I helped organize the APUAF meeting in Strasbourg on the theme of “Thinking Outside of the Hexagon: New Paths for Study Abroad in France.” As the director of a program situated in a borderland, I am especially sensitive to the fact that France and French identity can only be understood within the larger European context. To learn about France means to learn about Europe. It is precisely this strong European perspective that I would bring to the CA.







 Christopher EDWARDS, Trésorier, Directeur académique, CEA Study Abroad Paris

  • Directeur académique adjoint, CEA Study Abroad Paris de décembre 2007 à janvier2013
  • Professeur (Lecturer) de français, Clemson University, août 2005 – décembre2007
  • Directeur de Clemson Summer in Paris, 2006 –2007
  • Formation: M.A., French, New York University, 2005; B.A. Economics, B.A. French, Auburn University (Alabama), 2004

As an active member of APUAF since its formal inception I have familiarized myself with the organization and its constituency by attending AGs, workshops, and organizing ateliers for its members. As a member of the conseil d’administration I support maintaining strong relationships with our partners in country (e.g. OSAC, US Embassy), and encouraging additional professional development opportunities for APUAF members. In addition to the two ateliers that I have animated or co-animated for APUAF over the past years I am currently working on a collaborative project to help us administrators raise our awareness of and proactively respond to the needs of our LGBT students. I am otherwise interested in a host of topics relative to study abroad from student language acquisition, development of intercultural competence as well as the role of technology in (intercultural) learning. A former, full-time lecturer, former study abroad administrator for a small program and current instructor and administrator in a large program, I look forward to bringing a broad vision of higher education and study abroad to APUAF’s CA.






Sylvie KONESKI, Secrétaire, Directrice, University of Southern California Paris

● MA et PhD in French (USC)
● Directrice du Study Abroad Program de USC (University of Southern California) à Paris depuis 18 ans.

Le programme comporte deux semestres distincts depuis 2005 et peut accueillir annuellement les étudiants qui le
désirent. N'ayant pas d'assistant(s), je porte plusieurs casquettes : administrative, budgétaire et académique (suivie
des études, conseil aux étudiants, recherche de partenaires français). Je participe aux excursions et j'enseigne
également un cours par semestre (Littérature, Culture ou Cinéma français). Je travaille étroitement avec notre
partenaire ACCENT pour l'organisation des activités du programme. 







Francine BOST-MILLISCHER, Directrice, API Paris

As a resident director for Academic Programs International in Paris, I have been working in the field of study abroad for exactly two years. I do not have a PhD (I graduated from the Institut Supérieur d’Interprétariat et de Traduction in Paris), I did not publish any papers. BUT I am multiculturally oriented, I was born in the Congo and grew up in Côte d’Ivoire, hence I developed a real curiosity for foreign countries, foreign languages and foreign cultures. My first professional experience started in the USA as Head of the Maison Française on Hendrix College campus in Conway, Arkansas where I promoted the French Art de Vivre to the American students and I got committed to international education. I have a confirmed experience in management and operational organization that I acquired within multinational companies such as Unilever and Google. AND I thoroughly enjoy my new position. The Paris API team is three persons, we host and accompany over 120 students through out the academic year including semester students and faculty led programs. The job is very demanding but highly rewarding ! 







Céline CHATAING, Housing Coordinator, IES Abroad Paris

I graduated from the University of Paris X-Nanterre with an M.A. degree in English Linguistics. I then spent a year at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, where I taught French. After earning my DESS in English translation in 2000, I began a career as an independent translator with a focus on creating subtitles for television and film. As a freelancer, I was able to split my time between New York and Paris. I also worked in real estate from 2004 to 2005 before returning to audiovisual translation full-time. In December 2008, I joined IES Abroad as Housing Coordinator. In this position, I am responsible for housing around 150 students every semester, managing intercultural issues, and visa procedures among others. I have been involved with APUAF and its housing committee for the past three years during which I have helped organize a number of training workshops  







Kimberly MOUSSERON, Housing Coordinator, University of Minnesota in Montpélier 

I was born and raised in western Massachusetts. I received a BA in French and International Relations from Mount Holyoke College and a MA in French from Middlebury College. I spent my junior year studying abroad in Paris and another year in Paris with the Middlebury MA program. After a year of teaching French and taking graduate courses at Boston College I moved back to France and became a TEFL certified instructor. After several years of living and working in Paris, I relocated to the Montpellier area where I have lived for over 20 years. Before working with the University of Minnesota in Montpellier program, I taught English at all levels and translated. I am a member of the American Women’s Group of the Languedoc Roussillon and have previously served as the club’s Secretary, President and Representative to the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO). I have also served on the FAWCO Finance Committee and as Regional Coordinator. I am extremely happy to now be working in study abroad. In addition to my housing duties, I keep the accounting records for the Minnesota program, I help coordinate the culture shock workshop and have developed workshops on re-entry and boosting your career through study abroad. I began attending APUAF meetings and workshops my first year working for the Minnesota program and have really appreciated all of the advice, information, exchange and overall camaraderie of the APUAF. I feel that the APUAF is an invaluable network that members can turn to for support in just about any aspect of study abroad. I am interested in continuing to encourage this exchange and the sharing of best practices along with encouraging programs outside of Paris to remain active in APUAF and its committees.







Erin REESER, Directrice adjointe, Brown in France

● BA in French and International Studies from Illinois Wesleyan University

● Graduate studies in French Literature at Emory University (ABD)

● Extensive experience as both a study abroad student and employee in a variety of different programs

● Junior staff for a decade before taking on current position at Brown

Having spent the better part of my life being intimately involved with study abroad in France, either as a student or as an employee, I feel that it is time that I give something back to this community which has played such an important role in my life. Ours is a rapidly changing field. Faced with new security concerns and legal issues, the typical student profile has also been drastically altered over the past two decades. Programs have, of course, changed as a result. While it is exciting to be part of such a dynamic field, it also feels daunting at times. In the last 10 years, the APUAF has transformed our professional environment for the better. Like many of you, I have benefited from the hard work of others that have spent many hours writing (and rewriting) bylaws and toolkits, organizing workshops and directors’ meetings, finding speakers and venues, sharing resources and contacts. If we are to collectively continue to benefit from these advantages, I believe it is essential that we all serve in some capacity when we can.