USC, c/o Accent Paris 11è – Professor of Economics

Nom du programme/ université/Program or University Name : USC in Paris (University of Southern California)

Intitulé du poste/Job Title : Professor of Economics

Nature du poste/Job Type : Academic

Lieu du poste/Location : USC, c/o Accent, 89 rue du Faubourg St Antoine, 75011 Paris

Type de contrat : CDD (Spring semesters)

Lien :

job description :

Position availability :

Responsibilities :

Teach the ECON course : USC ECON 369


Course Description


This course examines both microeconomic and macroeconomic policy issues pertaining to European integration. From a micro perspective, we look at trade liberalization and labor market integration, with particular focus on policy issues like the politics of agricultural price support and regional subsidies. From a macro perspective, we focus instead on the interaction of multiple fiscal policies with only one monetary policy. The emphasis here is on the challenges of policy coordination among independent political entities, starting from the aftermath of German unification (and the ramifications it had in a fixed exchange rate system) to the recent national debt crisis that followed the great recession.


Economics of European Integration (Econ 369) is an economics course with regional emphasis on Europe. In the past 70 years Europe has gone through a gradual process of economic integration that has in many respects anticipated the progress toward the global economy. Econ 369 focuses on several issues arising from the coordination between independent states in order to achieve economic integration, growth and prosperity. The main challenges being explored are: a common labor market, free movement of goods and capital, a common monetary policy, and the necessary fiscal policy coordination.



Instruction Mode : Lecture

Taught in English


Skills :

- Experience in teaching American students

- Familiar with American University system

Qualifications :

PhD or French equivalent

Other :

Conditions :

Semester course starting January 31 2022 and ending May 28th 2022.

A two-week spring break included in the program (French vacation)


Required Documents :

  • CV and cover letter in English.


Contact :

Dr. Sylvie Koneski, USC Resident director