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Adhésion 2014-2015

N'oubliez pas de retourner le formulaire d'adhésion à l'APUAF pour l'année 2014-2015 au plus tard le 1er octobre 2014. Notre trésorière vous remercie de privilégier...

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Forum on Education Abroad Conference 201…

The Forum on Education Abroad's 2014 European Conference will take place in Barcelona from October 23-25th on the topic of "What Does it Mean to...

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General Assembly , October 2014

Mark your calendars: The next General Assembly will take place on October 10th, 2014.

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Workshop Suggestions Deadline

In order to plan workshops that serve the needs of all members, we invite you to send your suggestions of topics to cover during future...

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Workshop April 2014 - Security: Health, …

SECURITY: HEALTH, SAFETY & WELL-BEING BEST PRACTICES Atelier du 4 avril 2014 Au CENTRE PARISIEN D'ETUDES CRITIQUES   La sécurité, dans le domaine du study abroad, est un...

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French name : Association des Programmes Universitaires Américains en France

English name: Association of American University Programs in France


Established in 2008, APUAF aims to act as a clearinghouse of information for and about U.S. programs in France, to represent the shared interests of member institutions, and to address common concerns raised by the members.



Specific objectives include:


  • To provide a forum and support network for directors and staff of U.S. programs in France;
  • To foster collaboration by pooling resources and encouraging joint projects among members as well as with French partner institutions;
  • To facilitate administrative procedures through information-sharing and, if appropriate, to lobby on behalf of member institutions in France and the U.S.;
  • and to represent members’ interests, viewpoints and general concerns through active participation in international organizations, conferences and committees focusing on study abroad issues.