The European Association of Study Abroad E.U.A.S.A. is a group of national Associations that represent primarily North American programs operating in Europe. This not for profit organization seeks to give visibility  and advocacy to study abroad programs to facilitate student mobility within Europe, to foster international understanding and to improve communication, standards of best practice and share key information useful to all members of the association.

The purpose of the Association is primarily to address the many complex issues affecting the establishment and functioning of such programs in Europe and provide specific up-to-date information on fiscal, legal and immigration matters in the EU area.


Proposed Charges of EUASA Committees

Website and Public Communication Committee


  • Responsible for maintenance, development, and updates for the EUASA website
  • Responsible for increasing activity, membership, and posting on EUASA’s LinkedIn page
  • Responsible for producing and distributing a bi-annual EUASA newsletter.
  • Other avenues of public promotion and social media as required or suggested.

Political and Legal Committee


  • Responsible for research and proposals related to political and legal aims of EUASA, including with the European Union
  • Responsible for developing political relationships with government organizations, specifically the European Union with the aim of furthering the objectives of EUASA.

Research Committee


  • Facilitate and conduct research of value to European Programs and their home institutions (e.g. Carbon Footprint of European Study Abroad, Europe-wide Economic Impact Study as possibilities)

Outreach, Advocacy, and Community Building Group


  • Responsible for representing Europe and EUASA at the table in sector discussions, through maintaining and developing links with Forum on Education Abroad, Education USA, NAFSA, EAIE, etc., and representing on-the-ground perspectives of Study Abroad
  • Working to raise the profile of Study Abroad with host country governments, and with the European Union.
  • Working to raise the profile of EUASA amongst host-country associations, staff and programs, to position EUASA as the pan-European representative body of study abroad.

Events Committee


  • Develop, plan, and implement a series of Workshops, Training Sessions, Conferences, and Social Activities for European programs and on-site staff.
  • Work with outside agencies (e.g. Forum on Education Abroad) for joint events, where appropriate.