ACA English Medium Instruction in Europe

Advisory Board member Lisa Fleury, Vassar Wesleyan Program in Paris, attended the Academic Cooperation Association’s Conference on English Medium Instruction in Europe in Brussels: “A rare phenomenon at the turn of the century, English-medium instruction (EMI) has become a systemic feature in some European countries, particularly at the Master level. Even though the growth curve now shows signs of flattening, English-taught programmes have become immensely numerous and popular in the last 15 years. This ACA European Policy Seminar present[ed], amongst other things, the key findings of ACA’s latest (2014) Europe-wide surveys of this form of tuition.”  Below you will find materials from the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) EU Policy Seminar on English medium instruction in Europe from December 2014.

Event Description

Schedule of Presentations

Seminar Speakers’ Bios

Bernd Wächter English Taught Programmes in EU – ACA Study Results

Karen M. Lauridsen, IntelUni – The Challenges of Teaching and Learning Through English

Marjorie Castermans & Jennifer Valcke – Integrating Content and Language at the ULB

Dr. Janina Cünnen, University of Freiburg – Certifying Quality of EMI

Ulrich Ammon – The Use of English in Teaching and Research: Linguistic Injustice and Colonialism?

Adrian Veale, European Commission, DG Education & Culture – Reaching out to the world: but in which language(s)?