Academic Resources for Students with Disabilities

Academic/University Resources

Aussi tôt que possible, prenez contact avec la mission handicap de l’université où votre étudiant sera inscrit.

Accueil Handicap, Université Paris 8 – Vincennes-Saint-Denis :

Accueil Handicap, Université Paris-Sorbonne :

Mission Handicap, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3

Relais Handicap à l’Université de Paris 7 Denis-Diderot

Ask your student to come one or two weeks in advance, so he or she can visit the « médecine préventive » for an official certificate recognizing the disability. He or she should meet with the Mission Handicap of the French university, in order to establish his or her needs for the semester. A tremendous amount of help is available on campus (tutoring, hearing aids, modified classrooms, accompaniment from one building to another…), but in my experience, the universities are unable to help with any issues off-campus (housing, transportation to & from campus, etc.).

For academic resources for a blind student, have the student choose his/her courses the semester preceding arrival and contact the relais handicap who will contact professors, and help arrange study and testing accomodations. See what can be translated scanned to Daisy reader or into Braille by the Relais Handicap (this takes time so they must know the materials needed a semester in advance) and if not some texts might be found or able to be translated into Braille at

Association Valentin Huäy (bibliothèque)
5 rue Duroc
75007 Paris
01 44 49 27 27

Groupement des Intellectuels Aveugles ou Amblyopes
5 avenue Daniel Lesueur
75007 Paris
01 47 34 66 32

Baisser les Barrières
Étudiants et jeunes adultes, mal ou non-voyants
Du lundi au vendredi 9h30- 12h30 et 13h30-17h30
60, rue Fondary
75015 Paris
M° Emile Zola
01 45 77 22 31

See if the student’s home campus Disabilities office can help and fund text accomodations. The text for a computer science class was done this way and sent from Canada.

A letter from the student’s US doctor certifying his sight impairment sent the semester preceding his arrival was fine for UP7 to establish his accomodation needs for the semester before his arrival.

Second Claire’s suggestion of the student arriving a week or two ahead of time. Also, no help with housing at the Relais Handicap, but the BRI should be notified and they can make a request for an accessible CROUS room (again, this must be done the semester before the student arrives, and s/he may need to be enrolled administratively before this can be done.)