APUAF COVID Info Sheet v12 February 16, 2021

This version mainly includes:

  • Additional mental health resources for students (especially useful for students onsite)
  • Some tweaks and edits to text as needed
  • The exciting addition of saliva tests to the roster!
  • The “90 day question” – we describe here, in basic terms, what the “compelling reasons” are for travelling to France from outside the European Area, and as we all know, this excludes our short term and faculty led programs at this time. There is enough ambiguity still concerning this measure, especially concerning how long it will be in place, that we preferred to keep the text in the Info Sheet to the strict minimum of relaying the information in the Attestations. As Campus France has advised us (thank you Ray), and as we all have inferred, it is useful to wait a few weeks to see how the situation evolves before making any decisions concerning the feasibility of short-term programs, for example, this summer.