APUAF COVID Info Sheet v19 May 21, 2021

  • The May 19th milestone date has passed, and we have all sorts of new freedom and new opportunity!
  • You’ll find referenced a full detail re-opening agenda which is a long and thorough document that details all the remaining restrictions, how the Sanitary Pass will work, what resources are available to professionals, etc, etc. We recommend you take a look at this resource if you are seeking additional clarification.
  • Vaccinations opening up on May 31 for 18+
  • More precisions concerning the opening of borders for tourism, currently still slated for June 9. In the above-mentioned full detail re-opening agenda, which I have also attached here for convenience, you will find on page 8-9 a description of how different countries will be divided into 3 groups and facility for travel will be determined based on the COVID situation in each country. We are still awaiting the announcement of which countries are Green, Orange and Red. When this information is officially published, we will update the Info Sheet again.