APUAF COVID Info Sheet v21 June 23rd, 2021

Our cup runneth over with positive news these days. COVID numbers dropping in France, re-opening ahead of schedule, our programs and our students seeing fewer and fewer restrictions.

In the spirit of the U.S. “going green” on the color code classification, and the end of the daily curfew in France earlier than expected, the APUAF COVID Committee has decided to publish our last edition (for now!) ahead of schedule as well.

In this issue:

  • A new Introduction whose main purpose is to thank everyone for encouraging and motivating us to keep these Info Sheets updated over the past several months! Your enthusiasm for this resource was very valuable to us and we appreciate all the kind words of thanks that you have sent over the months. Thank you!
  • U.S. goes Green! You’ll see some changes related to this new classification
  • End of curfew!
  • Some new links, notably related to the Pass Sanitaire (Green Pass). This is an area that still requires some further research and detail as it goes into practice on July 1. We anticipate learning more as we approach this date.
  • Updated vaccination figures.