Lecturer in International Political Economy-American Graduate School in Paris 6è

Nom du programme/ université/Program or University Name : American Graduate School in Paris

Intitulé du poste/Job Title : Lecturer in International Political Economy

Nature du poste/Job Type : Part-time teaching

Lieu du poste/Location : Reid Hall, 4 rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris

Type de contrat : CDD d'usage ou Contrat de Prestation de Services

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job description :

Position availability :

Responsibilities :

The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) is looking for a lecturer to teach a graduate-level course on "International Political Economy" as part of its M.A. and Ph.D. programs in International Relations and Diplomacy, in the Spring 2024 semester. 


• Develop the syllabus for the class, which must be approved by the academic committee of AGS before classes begin.  

• 37.5 hours of classroom instruction in English, organized in 13 weekly sessions spread over the 15 weeks of the semester.

• Grade assignments and submit grades to the AGS administration.

• Respond to students's questions by email, video conference or on-campus office hours (maximum of 13 hours spread over the semester).

Language of instruction:



• Spring 2024 (January 29, 2024 to May 31st, 2024)

• This is a recurring class


Amount depends on the type of contract (CDDU or Contrat de prestation de services) and the candidate's profile (teaching experience, publications, etc.)


The American Graduate School in Paris (ags.edu ) is a small, highly specialized non-profit institution of higher education focusing on international relations and diplomacy. It was founded in 1994. It offers master's and doctoral degrees. which are accredited in the United States through Arcadia University. Classes are taught in English. Our faculty is comprised of both scholars (international relations scholars, political scientists, historians, economists....) and practitioners (diplomats, international affairs journalists...) 

Skills :

Skills required:

• High level of fluency in English

• Expertise on the subject

• Teaching experience, or practical work experience in the course subject

Skills preferred:

• Familiarity with International Relations (social/political science) theory. (Note: Our students are required to produce a thesis or dissertation at the end of their studies so we request that professors provide one or more theoretical frameworks to students during their instruction).

• Familiarity with and ability to teach in the American style of instruction which involves lecture as well as discussion with students. 

Qualifications :

• Ph.D. or other doctoral level degree in International Political Economy, Economics or Political Science. The course should explore the political underpinnings of the international economy.

• AGS will also consider non-Ph.D. holders with intensive professional experience in the field, with a preference for candidates who have worked within diplomacy or international organizations.

• Authorization to work in France required."

Other :

AGS prefers to develop long-term relationships with its faculty members and generally repeats courses once per year. We would prefer to have continuity in the program by having lecturers return to teach courses each year. Each lecturer may teach a maximum of two courses per semester.

Conditions :

• Classes are scheduled at the same time each week during the semester.

• In the event that a class has to be cancelled, it must be rescheduled in order to meet the 37.5 required hours of classroom instruction

• Classrooim instruction must be in-person on the AGS campus (see location above)

• Class preparation, grading and communication with students may be done remotely or on campus, at the convenience of the lecturer.

Required Documents :

• If you are interested please submit a CV and short cover letter to academics@ags.edu by November 30th, 2023.

• Potential candidates will be contacted for an oral interview. 

Contact :