Greetings from the Regional Security Office (RSO) at the U.S. Embassy in Paris,

If you are not already a member you may be asking the following:

What is OSAC?

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) is a free public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service and the private-sector security community. OSAC members help keep U.S. interests operating safely overseas through timely information exchange and peer networks of support. Additional information can be found at this link:  OSAC – Who We Are

What is OSAC’s Mission?

The mission of OSAC is to promote security cooperation between the U.S. private sector and the U.S. Department of State by fostering a global network of security professionals who exchange timely information and security best practices to mitigate risks to U.S. interests worldwide. These bonds and two-way information flow help to provide the broadest security perspective and widest scope of support.

Benefits of OSAC Membership

What is happening in the France OSAC Chapter?

We ask that you officially register with OSAC (if you have not already done so) via the following link:  OSAC – How to Join

Thank you. Best,

Paris RSO email:

Regional Security Officer, Pete Riva

Deputy Regional Security Officer, Frank Pasqualino

Assistant Regional Security Officer, Tom Cerchie

American Citizen Services Chief, Stacie Hankins

Olympic Security Coordinator John Bush

Deputy Olympic Security Coordinator Paul Benvie