APUAF COVID Info Sheet v13 March 11, 2021

Next week will mark the 1-year anniversary of our first confinement in France. Here we are, almost a year later, and we’re still managing the impact this virus has on our lives, of course, and on our field. Deep breath.

As you all suspect, this updated info sheet is not announcing any changes in the travel restrictions, but we are all staying optimistic that they are coming soon!

However, in this version, you’ll find some additional information concerning the steps to take in case you are positive or considered a close contact (Ray, hopefully the new graphic helps you create your protocols!), information concerning the regional/local weekend confinements, and an excellent resource we link to under the section Gatherings & Socializing, which is a document specific to Paris describing the finite details of all the measures, rules, and restrictions in place. (Check your prefecture websites in other cities to see if you have a similar resource available) And, many other edits and additions throughout the document.